Am I dead?

No, you are still alive.

Is the purpose of this page just to tell me whether I'm dead?


Is someone paying for domain and hosting just for this?

Yes... Though asking it that way kinda makes me feel bad about it.

What is the purpose of this?

Giving any person with existential doubts about their life the answers they desperately search for.

If I ever die, would I be able to access this site from heaven / hell / purgatory / afterlife / whatever-I-believe-in?

Yes, with 100% refund guarantee!

But... I Didn't... pay any money... how can I get refunded?

Uh... You should donate so you can get a refund if you ever need to.

When will I die? Will I die sometime soon?

You will die in exactly 42 time units. It's up to you to determine what the units are.

My question is not here

That is not a question.